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We make all of our Jamaican food from scratch with traditional cooking methods. The result is popular favorites such as curry chicken made in a way that bring out all natural flavors. Since traditional Jamaican dishes don’t usually contain any processed ingredients, making most meals a tasty, healthy treat.

✓ Ordering
We invite you to place an order with us and come in and pick up a fully prepared meal just waiting to be savored.
Ask about our Jamaican product such as jerk season, D&G, grace, bun and cheese, beef patties and all your Jamaican needs. We should warn you that we don’t do fast food. We take the time to properly prepare Jamaican cuisine the way it’s supposed to be made.

Enjoy some coco bread, bulla cakes, or hard dough bread. Our servers are always polite, friendly, and attentive. We guarantee that you’ll have an experience you’ll remember. Go ahead tell your friends about us. We don’t mind!

Experience the best traditional Jamaican cooking you’ll ever taste, from delicious curry chicken to sweet, tangy, and spicy jerk chicken. Call us at (301) 315-2668 to make a reservation or place an order at our Rockville, MD location.
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Island Pride Jamaican Restaurant

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