100% Jamaican Food

We specialize in 100% authentic Jamaican food. This isn’t just limited to the items we put on the menu.

100% Jamaican Food | Island Pride Jamaican Restaurant- Rockville, MD

Our Jamaican food is made with traditional ingredients such as black pepper, coconut, plantain, salt beef, oxtail, and tamarind.

Our chefs also prepare all foods in the traditional manner, adding a touch of authenticity that you can taste with every delicious bite. Many traditional Jamaican dishes are really variations on dishes Spanish, African, and European dishes that now have a distinctive flavor all their own.

Popular traditional Jamaican dishes that we serve include:

Main Dishes


  • Potato pudding
  • Mango and soursop ice cream
  • Asham


  • Banana fritters
  • Bustamante Backbone, a candy named after Jamaica’s first prime minister Alexander Bustamante

Whether you are familiar with Jamaican cuisine or not, we guarantee that you’ll find plenty of tasty delights on the menu.

How about a Jamaican patty wrapped in coco bread? Maybe you’d prefer some ackee and saltfish? What about Jamaican patties and Red Stripe beer? There are plenty of choices on the menu. Need a little help deciding? We’ll be glad to make some recommendations for you. Discover the delights of a traditional Jamaican restaurant for yourself!

Experience the best traditional Jamaican cooking you’ll ever taste, from delicious curry chicken best served with fresh Naan bread to sweet, tangy, and spicy jerk chicken. Call us at (301) 315-2668 to make a reservation or place an order at our Rockville, MD location.

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